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"A fascinating destination and the enchanting starting point for your matrimonial adventure, where the journey to find your soulmate begins."
We Firmly Believe That
Matrimonial Matchmaking Is A Social Responsibility,
"Not Just A Business".

We believe matching souls is not magic, it's meticulous matchmaking and discovering your perfect match should be a beautiful reality, not just a fairy tale. As the best matrimonial site in Bangladesh, our charming platform warmly welcomes you. We are delighted to have you as our esteemed client and are ready to embark on this extraordinary journey with you. Our meticulously crafted platform is designed to assist you in finding your perfect life partner, as life's symphony becomes even more harmonious when shared with a companion who truly understands and complements you. Allow us to be your trustworthy companion; our dedicated team is thrilled to guide you through this transformative experience, ensuring that your dreams of a perfect wedding become a magnificent reality. Together, we will create a wedding celebration that perfectly reflects your unique love story.

Choose the best to get the best

Looking for the suitable bride/groom or life partner?Seeking the best and most reliable matrimonial site in Bangladesh? Wishing for some decent marriage proposals for yourself or your family? Pursuing a dependable and efficient matrimonial matchmaking service? Searching for a reputed, dedicated, trustworthy, and successful marriage media?

If you're feel confused, where and how to find a reputable and high-quality matrimony site or marriage media in Bangladesh, Antora Marriage Media is here to assist you. Our best matrimonial services are designed to exceed your expectations, providing you with a reliable, efficient and professional matchmaking service that will exceed your expectations. So, Choose Antora Marriage Media as the best Bangladeshi matrimony/ matrimonial site to find your perfect life partner at the right place at the right time.

Most Reliable Matrimony Brand

Among Muslim marriage sites, Marriage media sites, Hindu matrimonial sites, Marriage bureau sites,Islamic Matrimonial sites, Matrimony sites, or any Bangladeshi matrimonial websites across communities and platforms, Antora Marriage Media is widely recognized as the best and most 'Reliable Matrimony Brand'. With a remarkable 27-year track record, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of matrimonial services in the country. Our credibility, authenticity, and exceptional success rate are widely acknowledged. We provide offline and online services to all clients and are open to all communities! We specialize in matchmaking for Bangladeshi brides and grooms and take pride in working with aristocratic, well-established, and well-educated families. We are energetic, passionate professionals and dedicated matchmakers; ''we love what we do," and that's what makes us great. We strive to create a great couple by bringing together two exceptional ones with the help of a great matchmaker and a great proposal. Antora Marriage Media strongly believes in discovering chemistry between our clients and aims to fulfill the expectations of our clients by finding their true life partner. If you're seeking a reliable and dedicated matrimonial matchmaking service provider , Antora Marriage Media is the perfect choice for you.

Company Introduction

At Antora Marriage Media, we don't follow the traditional match-making; we transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in the realm of sophisticated modern matchmaking. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence, our fresh and dynamic approach, ensuring that our ‘Matrimony Brand’ always remains at the forefront of the industry. Our marriage media was established in 1998 and has been working sincerely...

Company Introduction
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Marriages are made in Heaven but are celebrated on Earth. Truly, it is this precious bond between the two that brings peace and happiness to mankind. Nowadays it is very difficult to find the right spouse, and getting married to them is also becoming more complicated and that is why people look for suitable marriage agencies in the hope of getting help. Now there are many marriage media in Dhaka, who claim to be unique, efficient, and result-o...

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About Us

Antora Marriage Media is a premier matrimony site in Bangladesh and the top-grade marriage media in Dhaka, dedicated to those who are actively looking for a suitable life partner in their lives. If you are a Muslim or Hindu residing in Bangladesh or abroad and are serious about searching for a life partner for marriage, then you have reached the right place. Here, you can easily get service of Islamic marriage...

About Us
Our Specialty

Our Speciality

In our society, marriage is an important issue and it is also the most amazing thing about nature. Islam views marriage as a metaphysical union ordained by Allah, a union of two souls on their way to Jannah. So, according to Islam, it is considered both a religious duty and a social necessity to get married. Marriage is a bond between two individuals. At present, without a mediator, it is hardly possible to get a suitable m...

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Why Are We Different ?

What We Do

Different classes of people live in our society. Such as middle class, upper-middle-class, VIP, CIP, etc. Nowadays it is really difficult for both the bride and groom to get a decent marriage proposal and find a suitable match. Because In the case of marriage, the needs and desires of every human being are not the same. Antora Marriage Media strives to meet the needs and requirements of each client. For the convenience of the clients demand, we have divided our service segments into three categories.

Here you can get middle class Background profiles.

Our Procedure

To receive our service, you have to become our agency member by some simple steps. At first you have to submit your complete curriculum vitae with your clear three angel pictures. Then you can choose any one of our packages.

How Do We Work

After getting your membership, we will open your profile. Then we will match some profiles for you and offer you some decent proposals according to your requirements. We will keep showing you profiles until you will get your perfect match. Your membership validity is One and a half years.

Here you can get upper middle class family background profiles.

Here you can get elite class profiles. Like MP, Minister, Industrialist, Group of Companies.

Our Quality


►Banker ►Barrister ►Govt. Officer (BCS Cadre & Non BCS both) ►Non Govt.Officer ►Private Service at Multi-National Company /Group of Company ►Defense Officers (Army, Navy, and Air force) ►Doctor ►Dentist ►Engineer ►Lawyers ►University Professor ► Pilot ►Citizen/Immigrants ►Teacher ► Pharmacist ► Chartered Accountant ► Established Businessmen ►Widow ►Widower ►Divorce

Elite individuals

►Industrialist ►Group OF Companies ►MP ►Minister ►Celebrities and more. Managing Elite Society is not an easy job. For this, we are using separate special confidential units for elite societies. The Unit is modern, expert, professional, experienced and extraordinary, they are smartly handling it.We try to provide our best services for them.(The Unit is modern, expert, professional, experienced and extraordinary,)


Our Creative, Expert, Dedicated Matchmakers work in-office to handpick your matches, ensuring suitability. Since Antora Marriage Agency developed, it has been successfully arranging a marriage for thousands of couples.


We may suggest you highlight your strong points in your bio-data. Highlight your traits, nature, endurance, education, profession and other strong points. From there we try to understand your personality, choice, and view of life. According to that, we try to provide you the best and suitable proposal.

Offline Procedure

In the offline procedure, our agency takes all the responsibilities from matching, proposal sending, meeting arranging to the most optimal wedding. If you want to take our offline services, you need to take our ''premium membership'' and after marriage, you have to provide us a service charge.

Online Procedure

For the online portal there are some categories of premium membership; you can pick up any of this. The advantage of this service is, After Marriage, there is no service charge. To be an online member you must complete all the information in the given registration form and upload a photo of yours.

A Unique Approach

In the case of marriage, for a Quality match 'unique approach' plays a vital role. We match quite thoroughly with personality, age, height, education, profession, values, lifestyle, background, origin, location and much more. We approach you with such clients who suit your overall mind frame, resulting in a more accurately matched couple!

Background Checked & Verified

We primarily conduct background checks through social media searches and verify profiles and more. This is an important part of your life, so be sure of the person you are talking to and definitely inquire about him. All our profiles are 100% authentic and verified. We are committed to being a responsible matchmaking media in Bangladesh and assure you, on our behalf, you will receive a credible service.


Antora Matrimony has a fully protected SSL system that means your online payment is secure and safe. We accept payments through master card /visa/ bKash and more. For the Offline service you can directly come to our office for making payments. Or through bank or bKash!


We keep the personal information of our honorable client’s private & confidential. We do not share client’s biodata/cv/pictures to anyone without their permission.

Our Team

Antora Marriage Media has a great and dynamic team who has enough expertise in matchmaking. Our team is committed to help clients reaching their goals by focusing on their needs and requirements and bring out the best results. Our team is dedicated, experienced, hardworking and reliable. And in the end, our team is your team when you become a member of Antora Marriage Media.

Dedicated Matchmaker

Your Dedicated Matchmaker is Skilled, Experienced, Friendly & Professional who works with you throughout your membership.Your Matchmaker will get to know you better in time, as they carefully handpick suitable exact life partner for you and learn more about your personality and requirements through communicating with you.

Our Services

Antora Marriage Media

Antora Marriage Media is a completely Offline based Matchmaking Marriage Services. We think Marriage is not just a word; it is the most vital part of human life. A good proposal and a suitable match is the most important key behind a marriage. Understanding the standards and requirements of clients and match according to their needs is not an easy thing. This is also a huge responsibility...

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Antora Wedding Planner

Antora Wedding Planner is a leading full-service wedding & event planning company. We are the Professional, Creative, Extraordinary and a Unique Team that makes your events in a special, captivating, stylish, gorgeous & exclusive form. For any type of wedding/Festival/ Occasions, we plan Elegant, Glamorous, Fun Celebrations and Luxury themed Events for Clients. For a luxurious & roy...

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Antora Tourism BD

Antora Tourism BD (ATB) is one of the leading and complete service among the tour operators in Bangladesh, manage by a team of expert, professionals and experienced. We are the destination management tour agency who does both inbound and outbound tours. ATB has proven to be highly recognized and respected tourism company in the Bangladesh Tourism Market. We always try to do our best level to pr...

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Bride/Groom Searching

Looking for Suitable Groom-04

The only son of an industrialist. Aristocratic, well-educated, and Well-established family. Settlement in elite areas. O|A level completed from ISD. Completed LLB Honors from the University of Westminster, UK. Completed LLM from Holburn, UK. Now, he is doing his family business and also the direc...

Looking for a suitable bride -...

The only son. UK citizen. Aristocratic, well-educated, and well-established family. Settlement in elite area city. O & A level completed from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is Completed his MSc (CIS) in the UK. Now he is working as a Director Marketing at a reputed company, UK. Polite, Smart, and Hand...

Looking for suitable Groom

Daughter of a high-ranking government official. Well-educated and aristocratic families. settled in the elite area. O/A Level Completed from British Council Dhaka. Completed Bachelor of Business Administration from North South University. MBA (currently doing) at North South University. Now she i...



Wedding anniversaries should be organized by specialist event planners that have enough expertise in event planning sectors that know how to execute different events perfectly. Antora Wedding Planner not only organizes successful weddings but also arranges chic and charming Anniversaries perfectly.


Wedding ceremonies are one of the most cherished moments in a couple's history. So this ceremony should be executed perfectly by an expert wedding planner who knows the value of a successful wedding event.If you wish a very special, chic,charming Destination Wedding, then Antora Wedding Planner is the right choice for you.


There are different types of parties like Birthday party, Surprise party, kity party, Cocktail party, Dance party, fashion show, Welcome party,Farewell party, New Year's Day, Marriage-related parties etc.We arranges well-executed standard parties with creative themes and gorgeous decorations. Antora can be a reliable friend for every party host.


For organizing such types of corporate events, an event planner has to be expert, professional and creative. Antora is a package of event planning solutions. It is a Creative and Exclusive event management organization whose expertise can upraise any kind of event and its management skill executes every event successfully.


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